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September 24, 2019

Good news,Shanghai Fjade Detect has “settled down” in Djibouti

In distant Djibouti, a large white X-ray baggage scanner FDT-SE100100 is undergoing final assembly and commissioning at the local post office which will help local postal parcel inspection in the future. According to reports, this is the first postal security equipment in the region will play an important role in the security detection of local postal parcels. It is also the first X-ray baggage scanner FDT-SE100100 of Shanghai Fjade Detect in Africa market, marking a new breakthrough for Shanghai Fjade Detect in the South African market.


From bidding, signing contracts to implementation, in these processes, Shanghai Fjade Detect is working with customers to solve various problems. For example, when Shanghai Fjade Detect inspection equipment came to the post office in Djibouti, the first problem to be solved was the training of “users”. The person in charge of the local post office said: “Shanghai Fjade Detect’s dispatched engineers arrived at the site for installation, commissioning and training which made us easier to use the equipment. It was mainly to teach operators to use Shanghai Fjade Detect’s equipment and how to identify images.”

In addition, the competitiveness of Shanghai Fjade Detection as a competitor to open the Africa market is local maintenance service. To this end, Shanghai Fjade Detect dispatched engineers directly from China in the African region. Shanghai Fjade Detection Africa regional engineer said: “We have just opened


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the African market. Our products are much cheaper and our products are of comparable quality than European and American products. Customers choose us because our competitive advantages not only have high-quality products and price but also is a full set of tracking services.”

Security checks in African countries are even more important, especially in airports, terminals, ports and postal services. If there is a problem with “package security equipment”, it will affect the entire logistics and even cause huge economic losses. The supervisor of the Shanghai Fjade Detect’s user said: “We are very satisfied with the product and engineers of Shanghai Fjade Detect. If the equipment has a problem to notified to them, they will reply in time or arrive at the scene in time.” Shanghai Fjade Detect won the trust and won the China Affirmation of quality and efficiency.

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